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Whether your pet has common puppy behaviors, challenges in the house, walking on a leash, or socializing with people or other animals, we have a service for that!  (or we can look into making one!)  

Which service to choose? 

Browse the services listed below to find the right training for your dog's needs. 

If you are still not sure?  Contact me to discuss your pups strengths and challenges to determine which service would be right for them.  

Private Training!

Private Training - takes place in your home environment or in an environment specific to the training such as a park or public venue. They are for most any dog and family who needs personal attention in their training with specific behavioral goals in mind. 

Some examples when in home training would be the best choice:

  • Families that would prefer one one one training attention with an individualized training plan.  

  • Elderly or handicapped pet parents unable to leave their home easily to attend a class. 

  • Puppies under 6 months.

  • Behaviors specific to the home environment.  

  • When dogs need individual assessments for behavior challenges or possible adoption.

  • Dogs that have uncontrolled reactions (reactivity) to people or animals.  

  • Fearful or traumatized dogs

Group Classes!  [on hold for summer]

Training COURSES are 4-6 weeks at the same time each week.  These small group classes will focus on different behaviors and management topics each week to learn and practice necessary foundation skills and basic cues starting them off right on important skills. 

All classes may include short off leash play times. 

We will introduce concepts with positive reinforcement in a supportive, fear-free (&FUN!) manner.  Flat collars and harnesses with a 6 foot leash are appropriate tools for the class.   


REACTIVE DOGS: This is not an environment for dogs who have reactive or aggressive behaviors.  Dogs practicing unwanted behaviors such as lunging, barking, spinning, snapping, biting etc. have a greater need for individualized training.  Although group classes and playgroups are not the environment where they could be successful, we want to give them skills for their own success.  Observation without your dog at a lesser rate may be an option.  Contact me for an assessment or book private training and to discuss training options! 

 Playgroups!  [on hold for summer]

Playgroups are focused on socializing in safe & positive play, enrichment and exercise.  They are an opportunity for your pup to interact with dogs off leash in a controlled environment while you learn about appropriate greetings, play and canine communication.
Puppy Preschool (ages 8 weeks to 6 mos) 
Kinder-Puppy (5 mos to 1 year)
Small dogs (5 mos +, under 20 lbs)

Your dog must play well with others to attend these sessions. It is not an environment supportive of "reactive" dogs.  If you are unsure, please speak with the trainer before you arrive for a session. If your dog is aggressive or otherwise inappropriate with the other dogs, you will be asked to leave the session for the safety of the group.

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