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Dog Walker at the Park

The P.E.T. Impact Philosophy

Experienced. Compassionate.  Innovative. 

Vet, Rescue and client Recommended.

At The P.E.T. Impact, I help pets and their human friends make the most of their relationship.  Each animal is different, and I will work with you and your pet to provide guidance that creates long lasting change. Whether you have a new pet, already have a pet needing a refresher or with behavioral challenges, or plan on bringing home a new  pet, I am here for supportive guidance.

I am a certified dog trainer with decades of experience and knowledge learned on cats and small animals as well!

What separates my skills from other trainers is my focus on treating the dog as a whole. When we only address the dog’s behavior, this only addresses the outcome.  In meeting a dogs’ emotional, mental and physical needs , behavioral challenges improve because we are changing the process that delivered that undesirable outcome! THIS is where we see improvement that lasts without having to continually command or direct a dog. 

I believe it’s never too late to teach a pet (and its humans) new behaviors. My tailor-made services are designed with you and your pet in mind to ensure results. I believe in working as much with you as with your pet. My goal is to provide long-lasting impact through expert training.

Training goals are based on what you want the dog to learn, and we meet those goals while respecting the dog’s individual nature, preferences, abilities, and needs.

My background in social work, child care and teaching gives me strong and unique skills to work with families and their dogs using socialization in preventing or addressing unwanted behaviors, building appropriate social skills and influencing behaviors in our dogs.  I love to teach kids kind and safe pet care!  

Contact me for peace of mind and professional service.

******************************************************************************🐾MEET YOUR TRAINER - Suzanne Cardiff🐾

  • CPDT-KA certification - Certified Professional Dog Trainer - knowledge assessed, by the The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. []  There are only 3 active trainers with this certification in St. Johns County!

  • AKC Canine Good Citizen programs evaluator [CGC, S.T.A.R. Puppy, Community Canine, Urban CGC, Trick dog tests]

  • Active member as a canine training professional of the The Pet Professional Guild

  • Active member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) 

  • 15 years experience in pet rescue as a volunteer and staff

  • ongoing education in science based training methods, emotional behavior analysis, enrichment and socialization therapies and energy healing

  • Dog sport experienced in frisbee, agility and dock diving training

  • I carry current liability training insurance


I have been involved with rescues and shelter environments since 2005 in various roles as volunteer and staff.  There have been many project dogs I have taken on voluntarily labeled "harder to adopt" or "unadoptable" with challenging behaviors.  I created a Canine Life Skills Program where I teach them important skills to prepare them for adoption with a focus on meeting all their mental, emotional, physical and social needs through real life training and then find them the right adoption match.  This has sparked my special interest in socialization for dogs.  Not just with other dogs or humans, but with their world.  I believe this interaction is the greatest teacher and reward for them to learn their role in our human world.   

For 6 years I worked in wildlife rescue & rehabilitation and sea turtle habitat conservation efforts locally. 
Additionally I have completed an A.S. degree in Management, and a B.S. degree in Public Administration from Flagler College​.

I have a 14 year Shihtzu who has PTSD, IVDD AND CHF.   I too was once the pet parent in search of help.  In helping her, I have learned a great deal about dogs with trauma, managing biters, and alternative therapies, which have been invaluable tool for us over conventional medicine.  Reiki has been a game changer for her behavior and I recommend it often for dogs with extreme behaviors.   In helping my own dog with her severe trauma, I have used that experience to help many rescue dogs and their families understand and heal from their own traumas.  Helping a dog overcome trauma is so much more than just "training". 

Teaching with compassion and fear free training helped in addressing her significant fear emotions and allowed her to be open to new conditioning.  The result was her behaviors became more manageable.   She has overcome many obstacles and has enjoyed a high quality life for many years with me.    

Our little family currently also consists of 3 cats I rescued; Daisy, Uno & Phoenix.  My experience and knowledge of cat behavior is highly influential in accurately assessing the interactions of dogs and cats.

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