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Puppy Sailor testimonial

Our dog Sailor is blending as part of our family. Suzanne advised us prior to our puppies arrival and what to expect. she works with us weekly to help our puppy adjust to our families life style. She uses positive training for great results. highly recommend.
Brian Watson


Lilly & Tylee adventure dog walks

Suzanne is great with my two dogs Lilly and Tylee and they absolutely love their Monday and Wednesday morning adventures with her! I recommend her highly. From 1 to 10 with 10 being the best I give Suzanne a 10!!!!!


Bodhi new adoption review

Suzanne met my dog and a new foster and was great with all three of us she had great suggestions, worked with the new dog as well as my older dog. And of course the human training was part of it. Highly recommend and I will call her back often. Not sure where I select how many stars showing up on Facebook but definitely a five star rating!


Puppy Poppy review testimonial

I hired Suzanne to help me train two new puppies we welcomed to our family - a pug and a newfoundland. (Yes... a pug and a newfoundland ... ) I did what most people do and started my search online. I spoke with a variety of trainers and something was just missing. I learned of Suzanne’s PET Services by word of mouth (which is the first good sign.) After speaking with her, I knew right away, she was the trainer for us. Our conversations were honest and geared towards ensuring success. We started with once-a-week training. I saw the incredible difference Suzanne’s services were already making in our family and I wanted to learn more. I was overwhelmed and Suzanne gave me hope. We began an hour a day with Suzanne working directly with my furbaby. Suzanne’s training skills are impeccable. She cares about furbabies. She works to build partnerships between owners and their furbabies. Her training is reward- and relationship-based. During and after training, I could see actually see them learning! They were doing things practically instantly! We had to work with them of course to keep them doing it, but I would have never been able to do any of the work with them without Suzanne’s help. She made an incredible difference in our lives and family unit. I highly recommend Suzanne and would never use another trainer.


Adoption assessment review

The Adoption Assessment was the best decision we could have made and gave us the piece of mind we were looking for. Adopting a dog is a big decision, especially a rescue that you will never know their full story.
Having a certified trainer assess how your current and potential new pets are reacting to each other is something I would highly recommend so you aren’t just making the decision with your but with the information given from an unbiased source!


Puppy Lucy testimonial Review

Thank you so much for helping us be better with Lucy. You are such a gifted teacher and we really appreciate learning from you. 


Aimee's review

I can’t say enough good things about dog training with Suzanne! She is so wise about relationships with our 4-legged babies!


Roo review

Suzanne is amazing! Highly recommended!!


Murray the husky review

Suzanne is a knowledgeable and patient dog trainer. She really connects with you and your dog during the training session. After just 1 week we are seeing great results with Murray. If you are considering dog training for a puppy or for an older dog, PET Impact is a good foundation for a long-term relationship with your pup.


training and rescue review

 The best! The very best!!!!

I have watched her in action! There is no doubt she has this dog connection she has with them. She know what she is doing and every moment u can see the connection she make with the furbabies! I cannot say enough about her and her passion and expertise in what she does! 


puppy Oliver training review testimonial

You won’t find anyone better. Suzanne works with your dog using reward- and relationship-based methods which is critical for dogs with anxiety and a history such as this. Suzanne is who SAFE and other rescues call when they need help to make dogs adoptable. Just talk to her, you will be able to hear the level of passion and skill set. Ask questions and trust your gut. Suzanne won’t let you down.

Elizabeth S

foster mom dog training review

Just wanted to thank you again for yesterday.  Coco is having a remarkably relaxed day today --she actually had a 5 min nap in the yard!  It could be the gorgeous weather...or maybe you're just magical...

Gae (rescue foster parent)

dog training review

Thank you so much for a great training session.  Murphy is exhausted.  You have given me the direction I needed.  I never could have figured out even half the behaviors you picked up on.  Thank you again.


polly dog training review

I just adopted Polly from the local shelter. First I fostered her but quickly was overwhelmed by her high anxiety near other dogs. I sought professional help for us and found Suzanne Cardiff of The Pet Impact. She responded quickly, soothed my own anxieties and immediately became effective with Polly. This 10 yr old dog had a rough life. She received nothing but gentle positive reinforcement and she looked forward to Suzanne’s visits. Professional and kind, Suzanne has a gift with dogs, not just skills. Her approach to have owner, dog and trainer partner together for change, is genuine and innovative. Polly and I rapidly improved together and I took the leap to adopt. I highly recommend The Pet Impact for you and your dog. If I could give 10 stars, I would!

Mary L

dog training review June

Suzanne is a wonderful trainer. She’s so good with the pups and she is so good at educating us as well. Highly recommend!

a special shout out to Suzanne Cardiff with The PET Impact and Doryan Cawyer with Jade Paws The amazing positive training and reiki sessions are helping June live her best life. 🙏🙏🙏🙏 


dog training review SAFE adoption assessment

We recently adopted a Great Pyrenees from S.A.F.E. and needed some assistance with this transition. Suzanne was referred by S.A.F.E. and we are so grateful for her insight. Suzanne met our rescue and helped us with suggestions/tools to give "Dude" a FOREVER home. Dude is settling in quite nicely and we're following all the wonderful advice that was shared. Suzanne is caring, passionate and intuitive, watching the interaction between Dude and Suzanne we knew we made the right choice. Our family would highly suggest "The P.E.T. Impact" you won't be disappointed.

Trish & Chuck

xena dog training review

Suzanne is an amazing trainer! She has a CPDT-KA certification from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. She truly works with you and your pet to create a partnership built on mutual respect and trust that creates the foundation for a well trained dog. I had adopted an older puppy from an animal shelter, and her classes and methods were very effective. She helped build my rescue puppy’s confidence. She tailored the class to the specific needs of the dogs who were attending her class. She does not use nor condone choke chains, shock collars, or abusive punishment training tactics that are all too common with other dog trainers in the North Florida area resulting in traumatized dogs. She also has a certification that is not common in the North Florida area. She truly teaches you to communicate with your pet, and to understand their body language. 10/10 highly recommend, she is an amazing and thoughtful trainer.

Sabrina Z.

dog training review, reactive

Suzanne was recommended to me by a S.A.F.E. employee. I needed help assessing a new rescue for aggressive behavior. She spent 90 minutes observing my two dogs and myself and spent most of that time training ME!!! She is great. She has a really good understanding of dog behavior and gave me so many tips to avoid issues before they happen. If you need help don't hesitate to call her!

Gail G.

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