Congratulations on your new puppy! 

No matter what age of puppyhood your puppy came to you in, there are important learning goals we want to help our new friend meet that first year.

So many things are learned and experienced in the first year of life.  Let's make it a good one! 

The following services are specific to dogs under 1 year.

Contact me with any questions or if you have a request for an additional class or service!

I practice fear free training using communication with dogs that is not using force, punishment or intimidation. It respects the dogs skills and needs. By giving them choices we teach them to make better decisions without having to be told what to do all the time. We reward those good decisions which motivates them to continue them until it is a habit.  

I encourage you to build a partnership with your puppy and enjoy life together!  


Puppy Package Basics

Ages up to 1 year

Receive personalized guidance in your home on all things puppy.  We will focus on common puppy behaviors you are experiencing and how to get on the right path towards future behavior or training goals.  You will receive support in building your skills and working with your pet to help realize your goals.
We will help your puppy learn and grow with confidence, security and develop a well-mannered pup using only positive, fear free, supportive methods to build a partnership.  
4 session package is $306. 
6 session package is $459.
a savings of 10%! PLUS Puppy packages include a fun puppy safe toy and informational handouts.

Puppy Package Intermediate

Ready. Set. Go. ages up to 1 year

For puppies who have down the basics and are ready for the next level.  We will sharpen those basic sit, down, look and wait/stay skills and focus on leash walking, with & without distractions and manners in greeting people and dogs.  Location can be in your neighborhood, local park or pet store.
I will provide you with skills and games to teach your pet how to be a well-mannered companion in a way that both of you will enjoy while on the go.
4 sessions are $323
6 sessions are $484
a savings of 5%!

Puppy Preschool PLAYGROUP

Ages 8 weeks to 5 months

***on hold for summer heat.  New sessions will be announced if indoor location is found***

This playgroup provides very young puppies the opportunity to safely socialize with other puppies and provide a positive introduction to fun learning exercises during their peak learning period.  Puppies that do not learn proper social skills can get into trouble later or develop dog-dog issues.  Exercises are chosen to begin building the dog-human partnership and canine social skills.  There will be introduction to safely introducing your puppy to others and off leash play time with discussion of body language, play styles and ways to safely socialize your puppy.   
This is an ongoing class with individual weekly sign ups.  Sessions are 30 minutes. Come as often as you like, this is a great way to prepare your puppy for Kinder puppy class!
We occasionally allow small breed dogs just over months who play well with puppies with Trainer approval.
You must supply proof of current age-appropriate vaccinations, and first de-worming at least 7 days prior to the first class.  Please check with your veterinarian if you are unsure of appropriate vaccinations.
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